A friend of mine started a new show at a local public access TV station (KMVT), and I’ve designed the opening and closing titles for her in Apple Motion:

The effect is designed as a static 3D model, and the only moving part is the camera. The camera moves are programmed with the camera framing behavior – I specified the locations, and it flies right in.

In the closing credits, the final move to the disclaimer is programmed with “null objects” – a couple of invisible rectangles. The camera first frames one null object, showing the cool 3D perspective I wanted, and then proceeds to the other null object with the disclaimer text attached to it, making a nice turn. This is a technique I learned from the MacBreak Studio podcast.

The flashing “floor” is another technique from a book. The floor itself is a static rectangle. The flashes are also just a single rectangle with animated gradient fill, replicated a bunch of times with a random start frame. This way the flashes seem to go chaotically, yet in the same direction and the same speed.