Ex-con Marv (Mickey Rourke) avenges a hooker’s (Jaime King) death, Detective Dwight (Clive Owen) gets involved with hazardous vixens and a rogue cop (Bruce Willis) becomes hell-bent on saving a stripper (Jessica Alba) from a rapist (Nick Stahl) in interlaced stories adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novels.

Netflix, IMDB

Directors: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez
STC Genre: Superhero

  • “Special Power” – virtually everyone is a superman (or a superwoman, for that matter), often in their own unique way
  • “Nemesis” – again, everyone has their own, unique enemy
  • “Curse” – plenty of that stuff. Just read the tittle again ­čÖé

Very cool modern film noir that is so faithful to the comic book style you have to see it to believe it. The fast-action story line, violence, sex, and other very primal attributes may be debatable for some, and certainly not for kids.

However, what impressed me most is the way it is shot and styled. It is largely black and white, but with selective colored elements – like blue or green eyes, red dress, golden hair, etc. The color stands out so much on the black-and-white background that even very little of it makes a powerful statement. From a technical point, this is one hell of a movie.