After FedEx systems engineer Chuck Noland’s (Tom Hanks) plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean, he finds himself fighting to survive on a deserted island with nothing but a painted volleyball — a silent partner he names Wilson.

Netflix, IMDB

Director: Robert Zemeckis
STC Genre: Golden Fleece (Solo) – according to Blake

  • “Road” – Starting as a flight across Pacific, and ending as Chuck’s solo sailing into the sea four years later
  • “Team” – the lonely hero and Wilson the Volleyball
  • “Prize” – On the surface, return home. But upon return, he finds a lot more about himself and his close ones, and learning yet another life lesson.

This is a very good movie. What else would you expect from Zemeckis, after all? 🙂

However, I found it to be a bit slow in the setup, with almost nothing exciting happening for the first 30 min of the movie. Of course, given that it’s 143 min long, the beat sheet calculator gives exactly 32 minutes to Act II, but I still find it to be too long. I guess, these numbers shouldn’t be taken too literally, and the setup should be as short as reasonably possible even in a long movie. The rest of the movie has a nice pace that feels just right.

Also,  I at first thought of it as a Dude with a Problem. After all, Chuck goes about his everyday life, and suddenly – BOOM! He’s on a tiny uninhabited island. I mean, what ELSE can it be? Right? Well, not according to Blake. I’m guessing, the subtle difference here is in the choice of the hero. A Dude will mind his business, will try to live exactly the life he wants to live, nothing extra. While Chuck chooses to fly away from his home, from his beloved, from everything else – to do his job of passion. He chooses to go on the road. And he pays for it. And of course, by the genre, he then has to not only face the opponent (the Ocean, in this case), but also find something at the end that would be more than he’s looking for. That usually doesn’t happen to the “Dude” whose best reward is his “normal” life gained back.