Computer scientist Hannon Fuller, the creator of a virtual reality world, has discovered something extremely important. He is about to share this discovery with his colleague and friend, Douglas Hall, when he is murdered. Douglas continues in Fuller’s footsteps to uncover the mystery, but what he finds is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Netflix, IMDB

Director: Josef Rusnak
STC Genre: Whydunit (Fantasy)

  • “Detective” – Douglas Hall
  • “Secret” – on the surface, the secret life of Hannon Fuller
  • “Dark Turn” – the real secret

I think this one nearly trumps The Matrix (note – the same year). In fact, the model of the world is better thought through and is somewhat more believable in this movie. It is not as packed with action, but it has just as good a pace and a stronger sense of mystery, suspense, and a good B story (an actual love story) all throughout. I’ve really enjoyed it.