Шерлок Холмс и Доктор Ватсон – Знакомство

(Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson – the Introduction)

Director: Igor Maslennikov
STC Genre: Whydunit (law enforcement) – it’s elementary, Watson!

IMDB: this episode, and more from this series.

From a user review:

When you visit museum of Sherlock Holmes in London, Baker St., first thing that you see on the second floor is a number of pictures of all actors who ever played Holmes in the movies, and in the middle of that compilation you can see the biggest photo – the photo of Vasiliy Livanov.

All world cinematographers (including British ones) have admitted that Vasiliy Livanov is the best Sherlock Holmes that ever appeared on screen. And it is true. …

There is nothing much to add to that – it is totally true. The series produced 5 seasons in 7 years, total of 11 episodes (really, high quality feature movies) based on some of the best Conan Doyle stories. I loved the series since I was a kid (I watched it when it premiered!), and I’m still loving it after so many years. If you speak Russian, or can find the movies subtitled in your favorite language, it’s a must watch. It’s a classic of the classic.