Everything farmer and former priest Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) believes about the world changes when he finds an intricate pattern of circles carved into his fields, mysterious markings that cause a media frenzy and test Hess’s faith. Ultimately, he uncovers the circles’ origins, which will forever alter his and his family’s lives.

Netflix, IMDB

Director: M. Night Shyamalan
STC Genre: Monster In The House

  • “Monster” – the aliens
  • “House” – literal in this case
  • “Sin” – loss of faith


Personally, I was very disappointed by the movie. I didn’t like the main hero (where’s “save the cat”?), nor most of other characters except for the little girl. And when a 6 year old girl is the best actress in the movie, you know something’s wrong. Then comes Double Mumbo Jumbo – Aliens against God (!). No kidding. Not to mention the artificial suspense in long unnaturally dragged action and all sorts of inconsistencies and stupidities that both the protagonist and the villains commit. Like hearing the enemy in the house, yet leaving the axe in the basement and going to “check it out” alone, unarmed. Or the water-intolerant aliens are invading water-filled planet NAKED (!). In my book that’s called STUPID. Oh well…