[TV mini-series]

After Detective Joe Miller (Peter Krause) finds a key that opens a mysterious motel room, he discovers it’s a portal to an alternate universe with contents of immeasurable power. When his young daughter Anna (Elle Fanning) disappears inside, he desperately tries to save her. But Miller must contend with a host of bizarre characters who also want access to the room.

Netflix, IMDB

STC Genre: Whydunit

  • “Detective” – well, the detective
  • “Secret” – the “objects”, what they do, who has them, how to put them together
  • “Dark Turn” – the ultimate magic and the price to pay

Fabulous movie! It is basically a 4.5 hour feature split into 3 episodes, or 6 “mega-beats”. What I find the most refreshing is a very strong and well-thought story. Every single element is there for a reason, every open loop is closed and tied by the end, every character plays a crucial role, small or large. The acting is awesome, and the special effects are relatively simple yet very powerful for the story. This is what separates a conveyor belt blow’em-up-into-space productions from the real art where less is more and genius is in simplicity.