After a lifetime of dreaming of traveling the world, 78-year-old homebody Carl (voiced by Ed Asner) flies away on an unbelievable adventure with Russell, an 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer (Jordan Nagai), unexpectedly in tow. Together, the unlikely pair embarks on a thrilling odyssey full of jungle beasts and rough terrain.

Netflix, IMDB

Directors: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
STC Genre: Golden Fleece (Buddy, I’m guessing)

Funny how two movies in a row I’m hitting Golden Fleece where the hero is stuck in one place for a long-long time before starting to move. A coincidence? Well, there is no such thing as coincidence in the movies… 🙂

But seriously, a very, very well done movie. It doesn’t even feel like animation – it is really an animated feature film with all the necessary beats and plot turns, themes and layers of meaning – everything a good movie needs.

The opening image and setup are fabulous – the entire Carl’s life story is told in a couple of minutes with practically no words at all. That is, most of his life – for the adventure is about to begin…