Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) is a man without a country; his plane took off just as a coup d’etat exploded in his homeland, leaving it in shambles, and now he’s stranded at Kennedy Airport, where he’s holding a passport that nobody recognizes. While quarantined in the transit lounge until authorities can figure out what to do with him, Viktor simply goes on living — and courts romance with a beautiful flight attendant (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Netflix, IMDB

Director: Steven Spielberg
STC Genre: Golden Fleece (Solo, I think)

  • “Road” – from the plane to the New York hotel lobby with a lo-o-ong stop on the way
  • “Team” – the airport workers (and then some)
  • “Prize” – the last autograph


The description of the movie is somewhat misleading if you try guessing its “Save The Cat Genre” from the paragraph. In my opinion, it should read something like this:

Viktor Navorski ventures out to New York City to fulfill his father’s last wish. However, his country ceases to exist while he’s on the plane, and he is stranded at JFK airport without a visa and a valid passport as “unacceptable”.

What’s funny is that I started out thinking it’s a “Dude with a Problem”, then in the first 30 min it really looked like “Fool Triumphant”, and only when the “dude” reveals his true quest it dawned on me that it’s really “Golden Fleece.”

Speaking of quality, the movie is certainly well made, but coming from Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks – I was actually expecting more bang for the buck. In particular, it has “too much pipe” in the setup (unnecessary), and Tom Hanks looks way too dumb for my tastes, even if his character doesn’t speaking English and is first time in the US. But it’s a cool demo of one of the principles – put hero in more trouble to make him grow more by the end.

But then, maybe they did this movie not for the money but for the fun of it (I mean, I would, wouldn’t you?). At least, it looks that way if you compare the budget to box office. Just my guess.