Fed up with her boyfriend, live-wire Arkansas waitress Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon) persuades her friend Thelma Dickinson (Geena Davis), a naïve housewife burdened with a negligent, sexist husband, to hit the road with her for a simple weekend of freedom. But after accidentally killing a man, the two friends wind up outlaws blazing a cathartic trail across America.

Netflix, IMDB

Director: Ridley Scott
STC Genre:  Golden Fleece (Buddy Fleece)

  • “Road” – literal
  • “Team” – the two women
  • “Prize” – freedom

A very, very powerful movie. The opening image in a way summarizes the entire movie in one minute. Starting out as a dull black and white dirt road landscape, it gradually brightens up and  fills in color, becoming a beautiful postcard picture. It then gains ominous “dusk” colors and fades away…

After analyzing a few movies with “Save The Cat!” structure in mind, I’m starting to notice the setup in many scenes, and can pretty much guess what’s going to happen next. Fair warning to you wanna-be screenwriters – the skill is your ultimate spoiler! However, I can still enjoy watching good movies even when I know what’s coming.