A short spontaneous TV show done at a TV Studio Production Workshop in July 2010, Novosibirsk, Russia at NSK Records:

One frosty Siberian morning (or was it evening?) my brother Dmitry was talking to me on the phone about how to produce music TV shows. At the end of the conversation we decided that it would be much more fun for me to come over and show it to him.

If you really want to learn something, teach it! Right? In that spirit, Dmitry organized a workshop on how to produce music TV shows, and invited me as an instructor.

Meanwhile, my other brother Alexey exclaimed “Thou shalt not have fun without me!” – and joined us for the mischief.

For one of the exercises, we had all the workshop participants (including us) record a bunch of 2-minute shows where everyone got to try every role in the studio. It just so happened that in this segment both of my brothers got on camera at the same time, and watch what happened!