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The Devil in the Detail – Director’s Cut Released

I’m releasing today the director’s cut of my short movie “The Devil in the Detail”. View it here:

The story is originally written by Alexey Berezin (my brother) in 2006, which in early 2009 I converted into a screenplay (big thanks to Michael Dougan for help and guidance!), and then produced, directed and edited over the next few months with the crew from Scary Cow Productions, and finally screened at Victoria Theatre in San Francisco at the Scary Cow Independent Film festival.

Much credit goes to the actors – Jerome Shafer (David), Andrin Foster (Gaylord the Devil) and Karuna Tanahashi (Lili), as well as the excellent crew members: Talha Ahmed (location, 1st camera), Mark Lisaj (2nd camera), Dee Leitner (makeup), Terry VerHaar (lighting), Dan Patterson (grip), Dave Cowl (sound), Gina Richman (2nd editor), and Russell Blalack (sound conditioning). Many thanks go to Silicon Valley Studios for providing their studio space, and the Scary Cow Productions for helping such projects happen.

Please leave your comments about the movie – I’d love to hear your feedback!

Also, for higher quality copies (DVD and possibly Blu-Ray), feel free to send me a request.



  1. December 25, 2009    

    Well done! Fire effects were a nice touch.

  2. February 10, 2010    

    Pro’s – The concept you present in this piece is very strong, and I thought that most of the FX were executed nicely, and well placed. The performances were solid with the “Lili(th)” performance to be relatively flawless, and your floor mat shot was brilliant!

    Con’s – The audio mix was very uneven, the lighting was flat, except for the murder scene, and much of the chosen camera placements, and compositions did not flatter your actors.

    I would apologize for my latter remarks, but since I am very impressed with the story content, the more subtle effects you pulled off, and the performances displayed by the actors, I offer my honest, and as technically objective as possible critique.

    “Keep the faith”

    – Johnny

  3. February 11, 2010    

    Thanks, Johnny! Very insightful comments, I appreciate it.

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